A Better Ed-Tech Conference

I’ve noticed a trend in ed-tech conferences. We get caught up in the technical side of ed-tech and forget the education part. We offer multiple sessions on how to use Edmodo, how to build assessments in QUIA, or the best iOS apps for the classroom. We focus on how to click, and too often forget how those clicks can be applied in the classroom to build learning.

20140406-120931.jpgWhy do we do that? It’s particularly confusing because when I talk to the most tech-savvy people I know, I find a similar mindset. Most people that know ed-tech understand that it’s not all about the tech. It’s what you DO with the tech that matters. In short, most tech-savvy educators “get it.”

So why do we keep offering the same ed-tech conferences that focus on clicks instead of what you do with the clicks?

I have a theory. I think we’re underestimating educators. I think there is an assumption that learning how to click is the first step, and learning what to do with the clicks comes later. This is a fair argument, and it makes a great point that some “learning how to click” sessions should be offered. But it still doesn’t explain why we get caught up on step one.20140406-120921.jpg

I’d like to go to an ed tech conference and see a session on strategies for enhancing creativity. Or hear a civics teacher share how they conducted a Twitter campaign during the election. Or listen to a panel debate the pros and cons of project based learning. In other words, an ed-tech conference that focuses on the ed, not the tech.

I think we’re ready. I think it’s time we stop underestimating educators. Let’s move beyond step one.

– Jeff (@BushJMS)


One thought on “A Better Ed-Tech Conference

  1. Hi Jeff! I have been thinking for a while about this. I guess we miss the point that iPad or any other tool is a TOOL. Ultimately we need to see how it fits into our classroom and specifically student needs. I would love to have you on my show to talk more about it.

    Ram (www.ProjectPupil.Com)

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