Who’s Next: Michigan Teachers

Coming away from yesterday’s EdCamp Blue Water, I’m struck with one overwhelming impression: Michigan educators are what’s next. There’s a movement underfoot, led by highly dedicated and talented professionals, to bring the best teaching practices to the classroom and share those best practices with other teachers in Michigan. Yesterday’s EdCamp, organized by Kit Hard, Sally Morgan, Hope Zick-Powell, and Kristen Day, was a model of organization and inspiration, and was also well-attended, especially considering this was the first EdCamp in Blue Water. It was amazing to walk from room to room, listening to teachers grappling with the most important issues in the classroom. (What’s an EdCamp? Click here).

EdCamp Blue Water is just the most recent event in a series of events which will very soon explode onto the scene. Consider checking out these resources to see the growing Michigan Teachers’ Network:

  • #MichED hashtag – a place for Michigan teachers to connect on Twitter
  • #MichED educational chat – a place for Michigan teachers to discuss questions and issues of the day
  • miched.net – website dedicated to connecting Michigan teachers across the state
  • #MichED Podcast – plans for a weekly podcast are in the works. The podcast plans to celebrate and model the great work of teachers and students across the state.
  • techsavvyed.net – Michigan teacher website, created by Ben Rimes, devoted to integrating new technology into the classroom
  • thenerdyteacher.com – Michigan teacher website, created by Nick Provenzano touching on blogging, writing, technology, and pedagogy in the classroom
  • kleinspiration.com – Michigan teacher website, created by Erin Klein, with information on technology, classroom practices, and project based learning, among other topics
  • 21innovate.com – Michigan teacher website, created by Brad Wilson, with reflections on teaching and learning
  • sweattoinspire.com – Michigan teacher website, created by Todd Bloch, with thoughts on teaching, technology, learning, and education
  • edtechkit.com – Michigan teacher website, created by Kit Hard, with tips on using technology in education

This list is just the start. Truly, Michigan is a place where talented professionals are growing a network of innovation and learning.

And I believe this is just the groundswell. The tsunami is yet to come. In the next few years we will watch Michigan explode. This is more than just a collection of professionals dedicated to their craft. This is a movement – a movement you should join. Become part of Michigan’s teacher network.

Join the Movement!

Start by participating in the #MichED chat, Wednesday’s at 8:00 p.m.

Begin following the blogs above.

Then follow some Michigan educators. You can find them on the #MichED hashtag.

And look for the #MichED Podcast, coming out soon.


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